Dog Hotel Marketing Project

I created this series of illustrations to briefly summarize the scope of services this business provides. The assignment was to walk customers through “a day in the life” of a dog at their location. From that prompt I came up with the storyboard, characters, color palette, and overall design. I also wrote it, but I’ve covered the words here.

The turnaround on this was tight, so I kept colors minimal. Bare bones backgrounds and unfussy brushes kept it spontaneous without sacrificing neatness.

A Day in the Life censored watermark

Detective Opal (Unofficial Private Eye)

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.20.27 PM

Some of you may remember my dynamic duo from last year, Opal and her tiny cow (who has been simply renamed “Tiny Cow”).  Well this year I put together a pitch for a point-and-click style storybook game!

I’ll only show a few tidbits here for reasons I’m sure you understand, but if you’re interested in working with me on this, email me!  I’d love to collaborate with someone who knows how to put together apps, as I think this idea would really work on digital tablets.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.21.14 PM

A filthy-yet-charming American city in the early 1900s, Grenadine is home to a colorful cast of characters.  All of them are possible perpetrators of various crimes ranging from minor to major.  Alternate endings reveal a different culprit each time!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.38.25 PM

What excites me about this project most is there isn’t a single character that I feel lukewarm about.  All of them are dynamic and exciting in their own way and I’ve been having so much fun writing stories for them.  Ultimately, I do want to make this a digital, interactive game, but in the meantime I will definitely develop a little book or two.


A Day at the Zoo

The assignment was simple: show a setting in three different periods of time.  Knowing I’m more of a character-driven artist than setting-based, I chose to cover a short period of time rather than decades or centuries.

This project had to be done digitally.  I get a little lost sometimes when it comes to digital work — it lacks the common sense of traditional tools.  The professor suggested using textures as a way to bridge the gap.  Very clever!  I had fun scanning in different papers and even canvas, but ended up settling on ink splatters.

But these are way too many words.  Here’s the STUFF:

timepass1watmar timepass2watmar timepass3watmar

I’ve noticed a “violent bird” theme in my projects this semester.  Entirely unplanned, believe it or not.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Nostalgia Print

Initially, the only requirement for my pattern making final was a packed layout in two colors.  I was very excited because when I doodle, I often fit the elements together just so and this assignment was right up my alley.  A week or so later, however, the instructor changed her mind and decreed that the print must be autobiographical in some way.  I was crestfallen.  I didn’t want to talk about myself, I am myself!  Why should I have to explain anything to others?

Reluctantly, I started thinking about what it is that makes me “Claire”.  At first, I was so stubborn, I was going to just draw what I had planned on drawing and assert that, as a contrarian, it was autobiographical.  But then, slowly but surely, I began to remember moments.  I would pick out specific objects from various memories and draw them.  Some of these memories hadn’t been accessed in so long, they startled me when I could recall them with such clarity.  Inside jokes, old past times, so many things packed into just a couple of decades!

The tile I came up with looked like this:


Which would have created this pattern:

initial pattern

Unfortunately, the photo emulsion was too gloppy and was unable to capture such fine lines, and I had to rework the pattern.  Because everything had to be bigger, I was forced to choose fewer elements.  The print turned out great, and in hindsight, I think the first one would have been too busy.

See if you can spot the repeat!