Sticker Designs

I designed two stickers recently, both based on real dogs.

The first was for a local dog groomer.

This one was a fun challenge. The dog, Penny, needed to be driving the shop’s trademark Econoline van. In real life, Penny is quite small compared to the van, so I would need to scale her up without making her look like a different dog.

The second was for a bike frame.

This one was just a head. I wanted it to be graphic and adaptable — thick lines, simple color variations.

The line quality between the two sticker designs is very different, as you can guess. Penny is much more “storybook” and the bike dog is more like a stamp.

Between the two, I can’t decide which I enjoyed working on more.

I liked the sunglasses dog for its simplicity and satisfying, chunky lines. I enjoyed exploring Econoline vans and figuring out the right scale for the two elements.

I think both of them are distinctively whimsical in their own way, and each convey their own personalities.

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