Dog Hotel Marketing Project

I created this series of illustrations to briefly summarize the scope of services this business provides. The assignment was to walk customers through “a day in the life” of a dog at their location. From that prompt I came up with the storyboard, characters, color palette, and overall design. I also wrote it, but I’ve covered the words here.

The turnaround on this was tight, so I kept colors minimal. Bare bones backgrounds and unfussy brushes kept it spontaneous without sacrificing neatness.

A Day in the Life censored watermark

Alphabet of Dogs

This project consists of 26 gouache paintings, each measuring 4.5 x 6″.  All of the letters, with the exception of ‘Q’ ‘U’ and ‘Z’, correspond to the breed depicted.  See if you can name them all!

adog bdog

cdog ddog edog fdog gdog hdog idog jdog kdog ldog mdog ndog odog pdog qdog rdog sdog tdog udog vdog wdog xdog ydog zdog