Constructivist Croquis

For this project, I created a series of three ideas for fabric designs based on the Constructivist art movement.  A stripe, a grid, and a paisley which all had to relate to each other using the same colors.  After studying the works of Russian Constructivists like El Lissitzky and the Stenberg Brothers, I came up with the following designs:

croqstripeweb croqgeomweb croqpaisleyweb

I chose to draw from the Constructivists because my work usually features a very organic line, and I thought it would be interesting to try a more machine-like approach.  It was a fun experiment for me, but I think it’s apparent that this style is a little out of my comfort zone.  It was a challenge to figure out how to create something that resembled paisley out of such geometric shapes!

Here’s all the tape I used to mask off areas to get a sharper edge!


Alphabet of Dogs

This project consists of 26 gouache paintings, each measuring 4.5 x 6″.  All of the letters, with the exception of ‘Q’ ‘U’ and ‘Z’, correspond to the breed depicted.  See if you can name them all!

adog bdog

cdog ddog edog fdog gdog hdog idog jdog kdog ldog mdog ndog odog pdog qdog rdog sdog tdog udog vdog wdog xdog ydog zdog