Detective Opal (Unofficial Private Eye)

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Some of you may remember my dynamic duo from last year, Opal and her tiny cow (who has been simply renamed “Tiny Cow”).  Well this year I put together a pitch for a point-and-click style storybook game!

I’ll only show a few tidbits here for reasons I’m sure you understand, but if you’re interested in working with me on this, email me!  I’d love to collaborate with someone who knows how to put together apps, as I think this idea would really work on digital tablets.

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A filthy-yet-charming American city in the early 1900s, Grenadine is home to a colorful cast of characters.  All of them are possible perpetrators of various crimes ranging from minor to major.  Alternate endings reveal a different culprit each time!

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What excites me about this project most is there isn’t a single character that I feel lukewarm about.  All of them are dynamic and exciting in their own way and I’ve been having so much fun writing stories for them.  Ultimately, I do want to make this a digital, interactive game, but in the meantime I will definitely develop a little book or two.


Newlywed Commission

My weird creatures are gaining publicity, and this year I was hired to make an acrylic painting for a young couple.  After talking with the client about the newlyweds’ tastes, I came up with ideas for both composition and colors.

After getting the go-ahead, I started with a brick-red undercoat on a wood panel.  This dark red served to enhance the greens of the forest, making the setting all the more vibrant.  Knowing this painting would be on display, being looked at again and again, I made sure to add little touches and details to be discovered as time is spent with it.  I added very thin lines, nothing too clunky, because the vibe I was striving for was one of “casual elegance”.  A sense of humor and romance needed to be felt in the work.


If you would like a painting of your own, shoot me an email!