A Day at the Zoo

The assignment was simple: show a setting in three different periods of time.  Knowing I’m more of a character-driven artist than setting-based, I chose to cover a short period of time rather than decades or centuries.

This project had to be done digitally.  I get a little lost sometimes when it comes to digital work — it lacks the common sense of traditional tools.  The professor suggested using textures as a way to bridge the gap.  Very clever!  I had fun scanning in different papers and even canvas, but ended up settling on ink splatters.

But these are way too many words.  Here’s the STUFF:

timepass1watmar timepass2watmar timepass3watmar

I’ve noticed a “violent bird” theme in my projects this semester.  Entirely unplanned, believe it or not.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


When summer began, I set up an email subscription to receive a quote every day so I wouldn’t lose creative motivation.  As most resolutions go, I found myself floundering after a month or so and I decided to use these quotes more directly.  I chose a few of my favorites and just got going!  The project certainly got me back into the swing of things and I hope to do more of them.  Some of them are sized for phone screens, and you’re welcome to use them.  Click an image to view it full size.

samueljohnsonwatmar      leobuscagliawatmar      vernonhowardwatmareleanorrooseveltwatmar

New Photoshop Brushes!

I’ve never been a huge fan of drawing digitally, but then I downloaded a few of Kyle T. Webster’s Photoshop brushes and I’m addicted!  (Okay, that sounded sponsored, but I promise I’m not being paid to say this.)  They feel natural enough that I’m comfortable drawing directly into the computer (as opposed to my usual method of scanning a physical drawing and coloring/altering it digitally).

Here are some drawings I’ve created so far:


The following drawings were created for the Union Weekly at CSULB:


Here’s where to get these brushes for yourself!