Inktober 2017

This year, I finally did it! I made an ink drawing for every single day in October. Thirty-one unique drawings with my trusty crow-quill pen (and one in ball point). I’m so proud! I only fell behind twice during the very last week.

Using the “official prompt list” by Jake Parker, I [mostly] based each drawing on events and dogs I’ve seen at my various dog-related jobs. It was the structure I needed to stick with the challenge!

They’re all up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you’re reading this much later though, save yourself some scrolling and look below.

These are my top six favorites:

All thirty-one (in reverse chronological order):


I even tried a little animatic. Be advised: do not watch this if you are eating!


Creature Crunch Challenge

I heard about this website, Streak Club, and decided to start a streak of my own.  For the entire month of March, I challenge myself (and anyone who’d like to participate) to draw one creature every day in any medium.  What constitutes a creature?  A creature is anything with a face, really.  Any combination of animals, vegetables, minerals, and so on can be a creature, as long as it has life.

Click here to keep up!