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Ringmaster, Oct 2013 (pencil)

Desert Rabbit                            meditate

Desert Rabbit, August 2013 (watercolor & pen)                                                    Meditate, July 2013 (watercolor & marker)
Backyard                                        Space Animals 
Backyard,  April 2013 (oil on canvas)                                                                     Space Animals, May 2013 (oil on canvas)

BiddyInk Line Dusty

Biddy, March 2012 (pencil)                                                                         Dusty, Dec. 2012 (pen & ink)

rabbitscissors  Cookie Bars Recipe

Rabbit Scissors with Embroidery Thread, March 2013 (oil on woodblock)
                                                                                                    Cookie Bars Recipe Page, Dec. 2012 (digital)

Rhapsody in BlueCosta Rica Bill

Rhapsody in Blue, 2011 (acrylic on illustration board)                                     Costa Rican Bill Design, 2011 (ink on bristol board)
Yoda Flowers
Yoda tends his Yoda Flowers, 2012 (acrylic on cardboard)  

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