Portrait Pricing

Order a watercolor and ink pet portrait!

I love to draw animals! Fuzzy, scaly, or feathered, every pet is one-of-a-kind, and I love to capture their unique personalities in my drawings. If you like my work, email me to get started!

How to Order

1. Choose a Size

The larger the painting, the higher the price. Prices on this page are approximate and not a guaranteed quote.

  • 4×6″ or 5×7″ – This post card size is ideal if you have limited wall or table space. Plus, there’s just something precious about a smaller format. If you want to feature more than three pets, I recommend sizing up. [$40 – $60, additional pets +$10 each] Note: This size ships free!
  • 8×10″ or 11×14″ – This size is better for multiple pets, and will still fit on a small table or desk. [$100 – $200, additional pets +20 each]
  • 16×20″ – An impressive size for one pet! You’ll see every detail. [$300 – $400, additional pets +$30 each]

2. Choose Some Pictures

Three to five of your favorite photos is usually fine. Be sure to choose different angles so I can get a sense of the head shape. If your pet has an Instagram or other social media page, you may include that info if you like. I like to have a sense of their personality!

3. Send Your Order

This is the time to mention any special requests you may have! For example, let me know if you would rather I didn’t stamp the names, or if I should feature a particular accessory or background color, or if you want a specific marking to be featured.

Once you’ve chosen the size you want and have your photos ready, email me at artfularmadillo@gmail.com!

4. Payment

Once you send your order, I will review it and reply with a firm price. When you’re ready to continue, send payment via Venmo or PayPal and reply to the email thread with the name on your account (so I can match the order with your payment)

Once payment has been received, I can tell you when to expect your completed painting!

Let’s Get Started!